Iron Knights + Def Con One + Crown Me King

Saturday 26th July 2014, 7:00 pm | 10:00 pm curfewUpstairs at The Garage
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Iron Knights have been a fixture of the UK metal scene for some time now, albeit in a different form to what they are now. After a European support tour with Vicious Rumors in May/June 2013, the lineup and direction changed dramatically into what the band are today. From the original Iron Knights, bassist Paul ‘Beam’ Robbie and drummer Larry Paterson were the sole survivors. Their respective musical journeys have been linked since they formed their first band in New Zealand in 1983: Aftermath. Since then they have appeared in numerous bands, both in New Zealand and the UK where they eventually relocated at separate times over the decades that followed. Amongst the various musical adventures that followed, they were both members of UK bands Metalhead and Chokehold, after which Larry spent years with former Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bayley. Eventually they were musically reunited subsequently becoming Iron Knights leading to June 2013. With half of the original Iron Knights’ ranks depleted, they soon recruited two highly experienced veterans of the UK metal world into the fold.

The search remained for a guitarist/vocalist to bring the Iron Knights to life. Enter Jamie Gibson. Jamie began his musical journey at the age of 13 when he began torturing a guitar, influenced by such legends as Zakk Wylde, ‘Dimebag’ Darrel, Nuno Bettencourt, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. By the 1990s he had also started to develop a vocal style that took him from guitar to lead vocalist in Possession and then the Iron Maiden tribute Hi-on Maiden (where he was once joined on stage by original Maiden vocalist Paul Di’Anno). However, following his tenure there he armed himself with a 7-String Ibanez and searched for heavier sounds.

With Jamie handling both guitar and vocals the last piece of the jigsaw was an extra guitarist to thicken the sound and give greater dynamics, and Wayne Mann was soon aboard to fill in the final piece of the jigsaw.

To open this fresh chapter Iron Knights released a free download of new track ‘Destroyer’. The band’s first live appearance was on 14 September 2013 in Andernach, Germany, as part of the Swordbrothers Festival, followed by a support slot at the O2 in London with Uli Jon Roth and Diamond Head.

The new Iron Knights album was released on 5 May 2014. The open road beckons once more…..


Def Con One

Def-Con-One was founded over a decade ago by Antton Lant on drums (former drummer for black metal legends Venom 1999-2009) and Johnny Hunter on guitars after playing together in a band called SANITIES EDGE. They were looking to make the music harder and heavier and went on a search to create a new, more powerful band. A few bass players tried out for the band but nothing was totally concrete until Steve Miller joined. Steve fitted in immediately and brought with him a punk element that complimented the metal origins that Antton and Johnny had already established. Steve was himself into metal but also had a strong connection with punk and this brought a new dimension to the band’s sound. The trio then began their search for a vocalist who could add the final “missing ingredient” to what they were trying to achieve. Having tried a few different vocalists over the years they always found themselves “wanting more”, never satisfied fully with what was being produced on a vocal level, until they enlisted Davey Meikle. Davey was someone whom they all knew from the local metal scene and Antton had already been in a band with Davey called the NuFutureCowboys, and it was Antton who approached Davey to get him in. One rehearsal was all it took for all four to realise that they had found the correct mix to take the band forward.

Strictly Over 14s, Under 16s with adult (Photographic ID may be required to gain entry)
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