6 Scientifically Proven Ways To Make The Man Of Your Dream Obsessed

Author of His Secret Obsession

Science and love have always related to one another. There have been countless studies on what works to get a man fall in love with you, and what doesn’t work. According to Business Insider, when a man sees a woman, he does a reproductive fitness assessment, more commonly known as “checking her out”. Because men are shaped by evolution to look for a healthy and highly fertile partner, there are some features that are closely tied with what they find more attractive. When a man notices these features, he subconsciously thinks “this woman can give me children”, however primal that sounds.

By doing countless studies, researches have managed to prove the effects of the following 7 features and actions. While some of them are logical, you might find others to be quite surprising.

#1: Smile and laugh more

A study published by the American Psychological Association shows that smiling more often makes you more attractive. When a man sees you smiling, the part of his brain responsible for sensory rewards gets stimulated, making you more attractive to him. This means that you’re enjoying your time with him, boosting his ego and making him prouder of himself. By continuously doing this, you will manage to make him relate that feeling of content with you, making him want to spend more time with you and see you more often.

Besides, learning to smile more often can turn you into a more positive person and make you happier, which will further make you more approachable and a better company.

#2: Ovulating

While it does sound weird, evolution has made it so that men relate fertility to attractiveness and there have been quite a few studies regarding this. The University of New Mexico and the University of Gottingen in Germany did a test where they asked men to watch women dancing and walking. Both had similar results when they asked men to choose which ones they find more attractive. Almost all men chose women that were in their high fertility, proving this theory with certainty.

When you’re ovulating, your whole hormonal balance changes, your voice becomes more high-pitched and your body odor changes, all features that attract men subconsciously. So, when you’re scheduling your next date, try to time it in the days when you’re ovulating. It might be the thing that gets him thinking about you for the rest of the night.

#3: Make him curious

Men always find mystery to be exciting, so don’t rush and tell him everything about you. Ask him about himself, but when he asks you the same question only tell him so much. It is a good idea to surprise him with your master’s degree or management position in subsequent dates. He will feel as he must discover you and he will keep coming for more.

And while yes, everyone wants to rush to get a second date, don’t immediately accept it. If he asks you to go out on Thursday, tell him you’re busy with an actual task/event you had previously planned and schedule it for later. In doing so, you kill two birds with one stone. 1) Your life is eventful/fun and does not revolve around a man to be happy 2) You’re not too available, that will lead him to think you’re somewhat out of reach which will make him want to work to get you.

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#4: Mimic his actions

In 1999, New York University researchers found that women that partially mimicked men’s actions were found more appealing. They had 36 men working on a task with the opposite sex while being recorded. At the end of the interaction, participants were more likely to say that they liked their partner when their partner mirror some aspect of their behavior. So, if he fixes his hair, you do the same a few seconds later. Or if he asks you a question, give him an answer with a full sentence containing the same word order of the question.

#5: Waist to hip ratio

If you’ve ever wondered why men are so fascinated by body shapes like Beyoncé’s or Mariah Carey’s while fashion promotes skinnier models, you might find the answer in science.

Multiple studies have found that men prefer women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10. Devendra Singh, a professor of Psychology at the University of Texas that has done extensive research on the matter of attractiveness, has found that it doesn’t matter how “big” a woman is if the WH ratio is kept between .67 and .8.

This means that you shouldn’t strive to look like those magazine models to be good looking to him. You only need to achieve a body shape with a healthy waist-to-hip ratio, and that’s enough to make him want you even more. And if you’re thinking that that is something you’re born with, you’re wrong. There are many fitness routines dedicated to getting a perfect waist-to-hip ratio and you can do them to get the body any man would desire.

#6: Awaken his hero instinct

Now pay close attention because this is the most important part of this article. You see, awakening a man’s hero instinct is the surest way to make him fall in love with you. In fact, there’s nothing more attractive to a man because it makes you his primary obsession in life, and here’s the secret to how that works. You become a man’s obsession not by meeting his needs, but by revealing your own.

In other words, it’s not about trying to please him. It’s about giving him a way to please you, which allows him to feel like he’s actively winning you over, and here’s why that’s so critical. It’s nearly impossible for a man to feel like he’s in love if he doesn’t feel like he’s earning that love. When you do that, your relationship feels real to him, he feels like he’s falling in love with you over and over again.

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