Are You His Friend Or His Lover – Know about the reality

You meet a great guy and you feel absolutely there is instant bond between the two of you. the days passed, you can just feel the attraction between you and you know that this relationship will be different. You feel more and more attracted to him, which becomes an issue when you become increasingly aware of the feeling of your interest to him, but he keeps treat you as a friend.

There are times when you see that sprinkling in his eyes and his actions tell you that you are special. However, most of the time, he treats you just as a friend. Or it might tell you that he loves you, but when it comes to action, you will not be treated as a lover, but just as a friend.

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You may spend a lot of time wondering why he treat you this way. Here are several reasons why a man might treat you as a friend and not as a lover.

He Afraid To Expressing Her feelings

One of the reasons why men may treat you as a friend even if he loves you because he is afraid to express his feelings. Fear of rejection, fear of failure and fear of not being able to make you happy can cause a man to treat you just as a friend and not as a lover, even if he really loves you. If this is the case, then he needs time to deal with the fear and take your relationship to the next level.

He Is Taking You For Granted

There are times when a man may love you but it might take you for granted. Treat you with love is the basis of your needs, and if he fails to meet that need as only being interested in what’s important to you, then it might take you for granted. There are times when a man you might get so comfortable with the attention that is bestowed on him that he failed to care much about you. Which is taken for granted is not easy to handle and can hurt a lot.

He Is Bored

Over time, the relationship could be flat in which you may be so comfortable in the relationship and you stop doing efforts the same as you did at first to make your man interested. If a man becomes bored in a relationship, she might start to treat you just as a friend. Men want to keep interested in a relationship and when it reaches a point where there is nothing new and everything is running as a routine, it may tend to lose interest and treat you as a friend, even if deep inside he knew that he loved you.

You Are Just Friends For Him

The last reason could be, in fact, you are just a friend for him. He might quite liked you, but he does not sees you as anything more than friends. If this is the case, then there is nothing you can do to change your relationship to be more. But it is not the wrong if you hope that he may be changing. If you are not more than a friend for him, you really can not change the way he feels.

Although there are a number of reasons why a man might treat you like a friend and not a lover, each person may be different reasons. Give him time and observe whether this might be his way to see if you are match both as a lover or friends only.