Belly Fat After C Section – Know about the procedure 

The first worry that may come to your mind if you’ve had a baby through c-section is the belly fat after c section, and more so if you’ve had a great figure pre-pregnancy. Of course you’ve hopefully had a smooth pregnancy and enjoyed every bit of that tiny life growing inside you but then you wouldn’t want people to think you to be perpetually pregnant judging you by your shape! Automatically one of your major concerns about yourself becomes getting back to your former shape. Sometimes many trainers may tell you that it is impossible to loss the belly fat and get back your flat belly. But the fact is different. The first thing you need to determine the root of the paunch and then fight with it. But remember before taking any step you must consult your doctor to ascertain whether you’re fit enough to get into any regime.

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You may find it difficult to reduce belly fat after c section immediately but it is not impossible once you fall into a routine. Consult your specialist before starting any scheduled exercise. Generally doctors recommend the women to take rest six to eight weeks after a Caesarean section. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you have gone through a major surgery so the incision should be healed completely before you start any exercise to flatten out your belly. Here some tips are given below you may follow to burn your belly fat after pregnancy.


Breast feeding is not only good for your baby but also helps to burn your belly fat. You can lose more than 500 calories per day by breastfeeding your child. And in this way you will lose weight much faster.


You must be knowing that water is essential for our body. You should drink no less than 10-12 glasses of water each and every day. That will help out to boost your metabolism and help in loosening and dissolving fat. But remember you should avoid drinking sugary beverages like juices, sodas etc. which will increase your weight.


Everyone knows that exercises are healthy for our body. It is also a fact that they reduce our fat also. So it is very essential to include exercise in your daily routine. After delivery few weeks later you may start exercise if you have given birth via c-section. Pilates or Yoga are the most well known process to help firm, lengthen tummy muscles and bend them. You may also lose unattractive post baby paunch though exercise. Other popular exercises are abdominal crunches which are very effective for burning belly fat in lower areas. But always keep in mind before you are going for any exercise you should consult your doctor.


In the post pregnancy period while you are breastfeeding your child you must avoid dieting. But still you need to be very careful about your diet at least in this period. It is advisable to take balanced meals. Taking 5 small meals is more beneficial than 3 large ones. In this way your hunger will be fulfilled and frequent meals will speed up your metabolic process.


Fat reducing process may take a bit long time. Many women get frustrated if they don’t see instant results and they give up. Remember that you didn’t build up the fat in a day, so don’t expect it to go away in a week! It is an expert advice to stick to your chosen routine and continue the process. It may take a few months more to burn the lower belly fat and to get flat belly. Consistency will help you to get toned and flat belly after pregnancy.


You should ask your doctor whether you can take Reductil weight loss pills or not after stopping breastfeeding. If your doctors suggest taking the weight loss pills only then you should go for it. Reductil sibutramine is a well-known weight loss pill that functions as an appetite suppressant. This medicine functions on your brain and gives you a feel of “full” even if you have taken less food and they also control your calorie intake. But remember Reductil should not be taken during the time of breastfeeding your baby.

Instead of getting worked up about belly fat after c section start working on yourself. Follow the steps and get back your flat belly. But first and foremost thing you keep in your mind is to consult with your doctor before taking any step or process.