Cloud Engineer Salary – A Brief Guide 

A cloud engineer is an IT professional who performs technological duties that are related to cloud computing. It includes planning, design, management, maintenance, and support. Cloud computing brings a systematic approach to the concerns of commercialization, standardization, and governance to cloud computing applications. A cloud computing engineer performs tasks such as creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the cloud infrastructure. 

Cloud computing-based technology is included in our daily life in many forms such as watching TV or listening to music on any application or using an online email service. In companies, the cloud services stores the data and backup easily, customers can access their accounts on different devices, and software work on demand and requirements. The cloud engineer works to keep these running on time.

Work duties of a Cloud engineer

Cloud engineer performs several tasks in their day-to-day depending upon the company they work in. This may include cloud architecting, development, and administration. 

The work duties of a cloud engineer are:

  • They help organizations to depart their computer system to the cloud.
  • They develop applications and software that work on the cloud.
  • They monitor cloud management and database services.
  • They work on the configuration of cloud infrastructure components such as network and security services.

Salary of cloud engineer

The annual average cloud engineer salary is $ 1,70,000. The cloud engineer’s salary may depend upon their experiences and skills. A fresher cloud computing engineer may expect a salary of $90,000 and a skilled cloud engineer may expect more than this. 

This cloud engineering field is anticipated to grow in the next few decades as companies keep on shifting to the cloud. Every year the demand for cloud computing engineers is boosting day by day. This is one of the most in-demand skills in recent times.

How one can be a cloud engineer

One can expect to get a cloud engineering job by learning the required skills and experience and can also get a certification.

  1. One needs to develop the relevant skills that are related to cloud computing such as system engineering, network engineering, and database administration. One should learn at least one cloud platform well. Data storage, security, and access are important tasks of cloud workers. One needs to have knowledge of networking that is used for network integration. Computer languages such as python, java, and Golang are useful for the cloud computing
  2. One needs to gain experience in a cloud computing job. This can be done in several ways to outcast the coworkers in the company or gain knowledge of cloud computing systems.
  3. Earning a certification in cloud computing skills can be useful in building up technological skills and improving the resume. Earning a certification help in baseline knowledge. 
  4. One should prepare for a job interview success. Practicing in mock interviews can help in checking the knowledge and understanding of cloud computing and it makes one comfortable with the process as well.
  5. Applying for cloud computing jobs can also help in gaining experience in the field. Starting from entry-level to gain a higher position is a good way to gain experience.

The IT sector keeps on growing day by day and their cloud engineer along with cyber security engineers are in great demand. The jobs are going to increase exponentially in the future.