Crucial Steps To Shaving Balls With Suitable Alternatives

Men are becoming more interested nowadays in shaving their genitals. For some, it is about a medical necessity, while for others it is a hygiene matter. The reason can be anything and maybe just a try with no harm at any point. However, men must understand that shaving balls are not as same as shaving the beard. The skin of the face and nuts is way too different from each other. And, even the type of hair growth is not the same. Thus, it is imperative to know how to shave your balls without any cuts or adverse consequences. 

Here is a quick guide for a fantastic and successful procedure for removing pubic hair.

  • Good Quality Razor/Trimmer-

Remember to not use the same razor for genitals as that for the face. Buy a kit available in the market, especially for shaving balls. Read the reviews of the chosen product before paying. Look for attachments like a comb and cleaning brush to enhance the process.

  • Shower/Wash The Crotch-

It is highly imperative to wash the balls and surrounding area before putting a razor or trimmer here. Taking a shower will remove any bacteria; otherwise, an unclean crotch may invite infections while shaving. Also, water will help the pubic hair to get softer for an easier experience. 

  • Comfortable Position/Setup-

Balls are utterly soft, and it can be a challenging task to shave those sacks. So, stand on a sturdy platform to avoid getting wobbly. Using a mirror would help you more; however, it is still doable without it. Just allow yourself enough space and private time.

  • Use Trimmer & Shaving Oil-

It is better to chop off the long pubic hair first before getting rid of them from the roots. Longer hair will get stuck in the trimmer/razor which can be painful and gross. So, shorten the hair and then shave them off. Use alcohol-free after-shave oil to avoid inflammation.

Do not worry if you are not up for shaving your balls; you can opt for the alternatives. Some of the usual ways people think about getting rid of pubic hair without using a razor or trimmer are:-

  • Waxing Strips-

Women often go for bikini wax to get rid of their pubic hair; thus, even men consider a similar process for their balls. But, the biggest suffering here is the undeterminable pain while waxing the pubic hair. It is indeed going to take a lot of courage, patience, and willpower. And, not to forget, you will also need the help of another person to wax your balls.

  • Depilatory Creams-

Even men would have seen or heard about Veet or more products to remove hair. These creams help in getting rid of hair on the body in just a few minutes. However, these might not be the safest options as they can be highly burning and painful for the genitals. Proceed only if the cream is specifically for balls; otherwise, it may do more harm than good.

  • Laser Removal-

It is no surprise that science and technology have improved to unthinkable levels. With so many cosmetic procedures now available with practiced and licensed clinics, it is possible to get rid of pubic hair with this option also. The beam of lights is used to destruct the hair follicles; thus, removing pubic hair. The primary concern here is the sensitivity of genitals.

Some men also go for electrolysis, but the pain and multiple sessions are the drawbacks therein. Thus, most men choose shaving with a razor or trimmer for a pain-free and effective process. Refer to for detailed and informative posts about men grooming in all ways.