Fll Airport Parking: Your One-Stop Parking Service

Every day at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), thousands of travelers transits through the four terminals. The parking complex has over 12,000 hourly and daily parking spaces. Parking Technology for strategic and reliable support is the need of the time.

The awarded project involves several implementation phases for the introduction of new revenue control equipment throughout the airport parking lot and the installation of new and updated software, additional features and hardware, and network infrastructure to improve the level of service to customers, employees, and the overall management of all airport parking lots. Some of these improvements have been implemented during a new update.

What to Solve?

Fll Airport ranks 13th in the United States for arriving passengers. Every day more than 67,000 travelers transit through FLL’s four terminals, and most of them need to park their cars quickly and without difficulty. The addition of gates for different domestic and international destinations minimizes delays because of new runway increases. Parking is the essential criterion for this problem of its customers.

Concerning Issues to Solve:

  • Reliable and highly scalable parking management system via the web.
  • Improved management and reporting tools.
  • Pay-on-Foot (POF) stations offer the customer the possibility to pay for parking remotely.
  • Sun Pass automatic toll collection feature to speed up the transaction process and improve service levels
  • The vehicle control system in the area is reserved for employees.
  • In-Lane LPR (License Plate Recognition) to further improve user experience, parking management, and security
  • CCTV and intercom equipment to assist customers 24/7
  • Camera-based guidance system for increased safety and better customer service.
  • Space Count System: monitors the availability of space at any time in real-time and watches multiple lots at the same time.
  • Dynamic rates: Adjusting parking rates based on peak needs and chosen parking areas to maximize profit.


Parking Technology like fll airport parking with its web-based, highly scalable, & flexible software solution that controls all parking services and parking management technologies. The system also provides complex analysis and advanced reporting: real-time, ad-hoc reports on the current status and study of operational data such as attendance monitoring, the division of attendance with monthly, occasional, commercial, and other customers, the management of variable tariff structures, the best control of personnel responsibility.

Another crucial feature is the online booking system that allows customers to book and prepay for airport parking through a secure application that complies with PCI-Compliant standards.

The management system allows you to automatically adjust rates based on peak requests and chosen parking areas to maximize profit.

Conclusion: Service with a Trusted Parking

With a trusted parking service, you can fly with peace of mind save time and money. No need to look for parking and no need to carry your luggage! Upon arrival at the terminal, a representative will wait for you and collect the vehicle for a private and reserved parking lot; upon your return, the car will be waiting for you at the entrance to the terminal by an old and experienced team of fll airport parking with decades of experience.