Get To Know About Strap Card In Vietnam

Do you know where you can get a Strap Card in Vietnam? Do you think it’ll be difficult to locate? If you’re concerned about the same, don’t be; this page will offer you the most up-to-date and accurate information on the card strap (dây đeo thẻ) in Vietnam.

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What are card straps?

Card straps (dây đeo thẻ) are essentially cardholders that are used to keep ID cards in place. It is effective at carrying the cards without adding any more weight. This strap is available in a variety of colors and shades. It’s up to you to select the best ones for you. If you work in a cooperative job, school, or any other setting, you are undoubtedly very efficient. From students to teachers, employees to employers, everyone has a cause to wear an ID card at some point, and the strap becomes extremely useful.

About Vinh Truong Loc

  1. Vinh Truong Loc is delighted to be a large-scale manufacturer of custom-made card straps for businesses, schools, and major and small fairs and events throughout Vietnam.
  2. It is committed to produce card straps on-demand in any number, with over 15 years of experience and a production system of 1000 square meters. Customers are always happy with reasonable prices and high-quality products.
  3. In response to market demand, various companies have developed plastic cards and card straps. Vinh Truong Loc Trading Co., Ltd has followed this trend by importing raw materials and advanced machinery lines to create plastic cards of various types according to customer specifications, as well as high-quality card straps that can print logos, patterns, and photos on wear.

The general principle of this site

  1. Product, service, and sales introduction website (“the Company”) is owned and operated by Vinh Truong Loc Trading Co., Ltd. Customers in 63 provinces and cities around Vietnam who need to buy items can conveniently buy essentials from this portal.
  2. Products sold on must fully comply with all legal requirements, including not selling counterfeit goods or commodities of unknown origin or origin.
  3. Trading activities on must be conducted openly and transparently to protect customers’ interests.

Types of cards available here 

  1. Retractable employee card strap

Wearing a smart card is a cost-effective way to brand yourself. Employees and students will advertise their firm or school by simply wearing a badge with the emblem of the organization.

  1. VIP conference hook-and-loop strap

The strap is made using digital technology, making it the most durable and attractive with your company’s vibrant design and logo. When you book a lot and often, you get the best pricing available.

  1. Premium card strap

With the Premium Tag Strap, you can take your brand to the next level. You can choose from an unlimited number of colors and print patterns, as well as add accessories like an insurance lock or a high-grade safety lock.

  1. student card strap

Vinh Truong Loc is happy to be a low-cost provider of various types of card straps, particularly printed student card straps. It always provides the best quality at the best original pricing.

  1. Strap with a teardrop clasp

The tag strap is an essential component of a wearable card. The strap is composed of silk fabric, which is delicate and comfy. The card will not make the wearer feel uncomfortable or heated, and it will not itch like other straps on the market.


Card straps are an essential component of professional life. Vinh Truong Loc has a wide range of straps to choose from