Some Beginner Tips To Play The Fortnite Game

Fortnite is a game that has been on the rise in recent years. It’s free to play with microtransactions, but if you don’t want to spend any money you can still unlock skins and other goodies by earning them through gameplay. 

The game consists of two teams that battle it out for control points while trying to avoid being eliminated. The objective is simple, survive as long as possible until you run out of health or are completely wiped from the map. 

If you’re new to the game then here are some top beginner tips to help you get started playing. 

1) Know Your Team 

Before you start you should know who your teammates are in terms of how they’ll react to different situations. In general, you’ll find that there are three main types of players that you’ll encounter during a match; Attackers (who will launch themselves at you), Defenders (who will defend their territory), and Tankers (who will stay put and protect their team). If you know who these people are you can plan accordingly. 

2) Make Sure You Can Stand Up 

In most games when you fall down it’s because something hit you, like a bullet, a grenade, or even an enemy player. In Fortnite, however, you could also be hurt by falling off the edge of the map. This means you have to prepare yourself before jumping into battle so you won’t die. There are various ways to recover from falling off the edge, including landing on a platform or going back to the spawn point where you came from. 

3) Use The Map To Your Advantage 

Your first instinct might be to go straight toward your enemies, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to approach a situation. Many maps feature obstacles such as trees or walls that you can use to your advantage. These features can come in handy if you’re stuck in a tough spot or you need to flank your opponent. 

4) Learn How To Move Around Without Being Seen 

When you start playing Fortnite you’ll learn quickly that people are always looking at you. To make sure no one sees you you need to move around without being spotted. You can do this by crouching behind objects or using the environment itself. You can also hide in the grass, bushes, and other places that people would never think to look. 

5) Don’t Forget About Cover 

The cover system works differently in Fortnite than in many other games. Instead of hiding behind boxes and barrels you can just jump over them and crouch behind them. This allows you to keep moving and gives you more options than just hiding behind a wall. 

6) Be Aware Of Where You Are On The Map 

You may not realize it but sometimes you can actually see where you are in relation to the rest of the map. This is because Fortnite uses what’s called a heat map. This shows every location on the map in relation to where you are standing. Knowing this can allow you to position yourself better and take advantage of certain features. 

7) Find A Good Spot To Start From 

It’s important to choose somewhere safe to begin each round. Sometimes you can find areas that are well protected by the opposing team and these are usually good places to start. However, you should also consider finding a place where you can get an early lead over your opponents. This way you can pull ahead and gain some ground before entering the fray. 

8) Always Remember That You Can Fly 

This is probably one of the most useful skills you’ll ever learn in Fortnite. It lets you jump higher, faster and farther than any normal person. When you fly you can see over buildings and trees, meaning you can get away from trouble much quicker than you normally could. 

9) Don’t Get Caught Unprepared 

As previously mentioned if you can fly you can take a lot of damage before dying. Therefore, it’s always smart to try to fly whenever you can and land safely afterward. You could always crouch behind cover and wait for your opponents to pass before flying again. Or you could simply fly into a tree and wait for them to pass underneath. 

10) Keep Yourself Safe 

The last thing you should remember about playing Fortnite is to keep yourself safe. One of the best ways to do this is to use a shield. Shields block bullets, and if you’re careful enough you can use shields to block rockets too. They’re especially beneficial against snipers since their shots are often high caliber. 

11) Practice Makes Perfect 

To improve your gaming experience you should practice every day. While doing this you’ll notice a difference between what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. The more comfortable you feel the easier it is to become proficient and perform better. 

12) Take Notes 

The next time you play Fortnite you should write down everything you did wrong that led up to getting killed. Then after you’ve done this you should compare it to what you usually do to improve your performance. This will give you a chance to pinpoint exactly what went wrong and give you a few ideas on how to fix it. 

13) Have Fun! 

Finally, remember that Fortnite isn’t supposed to be stressful. If you’re having fun then you’re already on the right track. And that’s why it’s worth sticking with it. It takes a little bit of effort to get used to the controls and the maps, but once you’ve figured out how things work it’s really quite enjoyable. 

These are the various tips that provide the pathway to the players to play the game in a right manner. If the player will remain alert while playing the game then winning chances in the game will increase. They can just plan to go for the buy fortnite account if they know the reliable company.

So there you have it – a guide to helping you get started playing Fortnite. If you follow all of the above advice you should soon be able to dominate your friends and foes alike. 

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