Synthetic Urine Myths Debunked: Separating Fact from Fiction

When it comes to synthetic urine, also known as drug test urine, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. The myths are endless from people believing that synthetic urine is just another name for fake pee to others claiming it won’t ever work in a drug test. To make sure you know what truth lies behind these rumors and how reliable synthetic urine really is, we’re here to debunk them all.

The first myth we need to discuss is what exactly synthetic urine actually is. Many people assume that this substance is either fake or not even real pee at all but they could not be more wrong. In reality, synthetic urine is an artificial mix of chemicals that mimics every aspect of real human pee – the smell, color, pH level, and specific gravity. It contains urea and uric acid just like natural human pee does; however, since it doesn’t come from a human body, it does not contain any toxins or drugs so it can easily pass any drug tests you might be subjected to.

Can Synthetic Urine Pass A Drug Test?

A very common myth related to synthetic urine being used for drug tests is that it always fails the test due to its artificialness. Fortunately, this couldn’t be further away from the truth as long as you purchase high-quality products such as Quick Fix 6.2 Plus 3oz Synthetic Urine Kit from trusted brands like Clear Choice which guarantee passing results in most situations since their formula was created using quality control standards which ensure its accuracy with modern drug testing equipment used nowadays by various companies and organizations performing such tests. Not only that but many products allow you customize your order according to your needs by adding extra components such as heat activator powder which will help maintain your sample’s temperature within an acceptable range throughout the entire duration of the test making sure everything goes without any problems whatsoever!

Do Employers Know That You Use Synthetic Urine?

Another fear many potential users have when considering using synthetic urine for drug tests has to do with employers knowing about their actions if they were caught using this artificial type of pee during a screening process or something similar – while there’s no definitive answer here because each situation may vary depending on certain factors such as state laws where applicable etc., generally speaking employers typically won’t be able to tell if someone has provided them with genuine human urine versus an artificial version unless they specifically test for this difference (which would rarely happen). Therefore if you’re looking for a safe way out when having to take a mandatory pre-employment screening exam then opting for one of these kits should do just fine!

Is Synthetic Urine Legal?

Since many states prohibit individuals from purposefully attempting to deceive substances testers or commit fraud in general during screenings etc., some users also worry about whether or not buying/using these types of products might put them in legal trouble – fortunately again however most states don’t consider purchasing/owning such items illegal although obviously usage in certain scenarios may result in further consequences so always use caution before deciding whether or not utilizing this option makes sense given your particular circumstances (for example if you live somewhere where adulterants/substitution are covered under strict anti-fraud laws).

Can You Reuse Synthetic Urine Multiple Times?

Finally let’s talk about reusability of these kits – while some manufacturers may claim that their product can last multiple uses without losing potency unfortunately this isn’t true and most kits will degrade over time meaning they must be replaced after each attempt otherwise risk detection by testers due to changes occurring in chemical composition etc…so remember never try reusing yours more than once!

In conclusion, while there are plenty of misconceptions regarding synthetic urine floating around online today hopefully now you feel better informed on the subject matter thanks to our article!