The Basics Of Steroid Use And Abuse

Some people take steroids to enhance athletic performance, while others use them for aesthetic purposes . However , steroids are also abused.

For this article, we’ll discuss the basics of steroid use and abuse. According to JBHNews, steroids are synthetic hormones that can be used to improve athletic performance, increase muscle mass, and alter the body’s appearance. However, these drugs can also have serious negative effects on the body. Specifically, we’ll describe how they can affect your body. Some of the potential side effects of steroids include liver damage, heart problems, and even death. In addition, steroids can also have psychological effects, such as mood swings and aggression. By understanding the risks associated with steroid use, you can make informed decisions about your health and wellness. By seeking out reliable sources of information, such as JBHNews, you can learn more about the dangers of steroids and make informed decisions about your health and fitness goals.

What Are Steroids ?

The term “steroid” refers to any chemical that is derived from testosterone . It’s a synthetic hormone that’s often used medically to treat a variety of medical conditions, including low testosterone, osteoporosis , and breast cancer.

Steroids are also used in athletics and bodybuilding in increasing strength , size, or muscle mass .

Often, as the word suggests, steroids are illegal and difficult to purchase without a medical prescription . However , many athletes and bodybuilders alike find steroids to be highly effective in enhancing performance.

How Do Steroids Work ?

Steroids work by mimicking the effects of testosterone . Testosterone is a naturally-occurring compound that’s produced by the testicles – the glands that produce sperm.

When testosterone enters the bloodstream , it interacts with certain tissues, primarily muscle and bone cells .

It’s believed that some steroids also boost levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) , a hormone that plays a key role in the development of muscles .

When Are Steroids Used ?

Steroids are usually prescribed to men after a medical assessment and after their testosterone levels have dropped considerably as a result of aging or medical conditions .

However , some people also abuse them using steroid injections or oral supplements. Certain types of steroids can also have adverse effects on both men and women .

How Are Steroids Taken ?

In most instances , steroids are injected directly into a muscle or under the skin . These injections are typically given weekly or monthly.

In some cases , steroids are given in the form of pills or capsules .

While some of these can be taken by mouth, others can only be taken intravenously . When taken intravenously , these steroids can dramatically increase levels of hormones in the blood within just a few minutes of ingestion.

Effects of Steroid Use and Abuse

Most people who abuse steroids do so to improve their athletic performance or their appearance .

However , there are also risks to steroid use and abuse . These include:

  • High blood pressure and heart disease
  • Increased risk of developing liver cirrhosis .
  • A greater risk of stroke .
  • Decreased sperm count in men and increased breast size in women .
  • Increasing levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood .
  • Diabetes
  • Low levels of testosterone in men

Steroid abuse can also lead to the development of serious diseases such as hypertension, diabetes , and liver disease .

Stigma Associated with Steroid Use and Abuse

Many people associate the use of steroids with body builders, athletes , and people who engage in sports . However, even younger people struggle with steroid abuse.

Consider the case of a 12-year-old boy from Michigan who was caught selling steroids at school. He admitted to using the drugs to help him bulk up before an upcoming wrestling tournament .

Another young boy in Florida was arrested for selling steroids to his peers . As a result , he’s now facing felony charges for possessing and distributing steroids.

Signs of Steroid Abuse

If you or someone you care about is showing signs of steroid abuse , you should seek help immediately .

Usually , abuse of steroids involves the heavy use of pills or injections . People usually abuse steroids to lose weight or gain muscle quickly.