The Best New Cannabis Strains To Grow In 2022

For the year 2022, these are the most promising new cannabis strains

Second only to alcohol in terms of recreational usage, cannabis is the most widely available illicit drug in the world. The Globe Health Organization performed a poll in 2019 that indicated that more than 200 million people throughout the world like eating this beautiful plant. There are so many different strains to choose from that it may be tough for you to figure out which one your customers would like the best.

The Marijuana Business

Like any other successful business, the cannabis industry is driven by its consumers. Your marijuana’s target market will be influenced by its potency, look, scents, and flavours. As long as there is a need for cannabis with a high degree of potency and aroma, nothing will ever change. Despite the fact that one’s tastes may change often in response to fresh genetic data,

Growth Promoting Substances

In addition to what is currently trending on the market, there are a lot of key considerations to consider before making a selection. Other essential considerations are the strain’s growth qualities, resistance to pests and mould, the time it takes to mature (and harvest), and the amount of space it takes up. The best seed banks are essential there.

Marijuana Strains to Consider in 2022

The following are the top five strains to expand in 2022, taking into account the aforementioned factors as well as years of research, the most current market data, and good features for growth.

‘Jungle Cake’

Seed Junky Genetics’ “Jungle Cake” is as exotic and scrumptious as its name would indicate. Wedding Cake and White Fire #43 were blended to make this deliciously sweet and fiery partnership cake.. Everyone who had a taste of it liked it. For a relaxing evening in front of the television, these effects are ideal.

‘Exodus Cheese’

All you skunk-lovers out there, rejoice! In the late 1980s, Greenhouse Seeds produced ‘Exodus Cheese’, a gangster variety that originated in southern England. ‘Cheese’ and ‘UK Cheese’ are other names for this breed. Despite the fact that many breeders use this strain in cross-breeding, we believe that doing so would only serve to weaken what is already a very strong variety. This strain has a strong aroma of pine and earth, with a taste that harkens back to cheese. It does what it says on the tin.

‘The Soap’

In order to create “The Soap,” Cookies worked with Seed Junky Genetics. It was developed by Seed Junky Genetics, which owns the copyright. Don’t be fooled by the name; this marijuana strain contains floral and vanilla overtones. The rich vanilla scent of the cannabis gave it the nickname “The Soap,” and it’s a delicious blend of Animal Mints and Kush Mints. This sativa-dominant hybrid has a genetic profile that consistently tests over 25% THC. The pistils are a deep, dark red, and the amber trichomes fill the blossoms to the brim.

‘91 Krypt’

DNA Genetics has generated another another successful strain with the introduction of ’91 Krypt.’ This very potent hybrid has a high level of THC and is well-known across the world for both its medicinal properties and its delightfully unusual flavour.