The Top 7 Yoga Accessories

Yoga has emerged to become one of the most famous forms of exercise. It is accessible on the body, and the main focus is on breathing; hence it allows the body to relax and calm down. Yoga focuses on stretching the body, making the body flexible and lightweight. This will enable one to feel light and refreshed. Also, prolonged yoga practice is a great way to lose weight, especially if you cannot indulge in a high-intensity workout because of various reasons.

If you are looking to dive into the yogic world, read the article below to find the essential yoga accessories you may need on this fitness journey.

Yoga mat

As you might have guessed, a yoga mat is the essential piece of equipment needed for indulging in yoga. A mat allows your body to be cushioned slightly from the hard ground, which is crucial not to hurt your joints. There are many different thicknesses of yoga mats available in the market. Also, most yoga mats made by yogatree have an anti-slip feature. This allows you to stay safe and secure while performing various asanas.

Yoga straps

These straps are similar to resistance bands but are for beginners. They allow you to stretch your body enough without putting pressure on your neck or spine. This is especially good for people who have tighter and less flexible bodies. They allow you to get into various positions and asanas without overstretching your muscles while also stretching enough so that you can become loose over time.

Yoga block

This piece of equipment is of great help to beginners but can also be used by advanced yogis to increase their range of motion. The blocks help to ground you in positions where one of your body parts cannot reach the surface because of some reason. This body part will remain floating in the air, but with the help of these blocks, they get the necessary support.

Yoga towels

Yoga towels produced by brands such as the yogatree are an excellent investment as they serve as a multi-purpose tool in yoga. They do the primary wiping sweat after an intense yoga stretching session. They are also helpful to increase grip on your mat, which may become a problem if you have sweaty hands. These towels can be folded, and they then serve as wonderful cushions and pads for your knees, elbows, or head during a headstand.

Yoga weights

Although yoga most commonly relies on body weight, some advanced yogis may find using their body weight too easy because of prolonged practice. For them, wearable yoga weights are the perfect option. They are not too heavy that they will end up injuring your muscle, but they also provide enough resistance that your workout may feel a little more draining.

Wrist and knee pads

Many people prefer yoga over other forms of exercise because it is easier on the joints and doesn’t cause much damage. But, over time, it can also cause the joints to have pain, especially if you want to indulge in the more challenging asanas. Hence wrist, knee, and even elbow pads are excellent cushioning systems that will protect your joints from any damage and keep them healthy and strong.

Mala beads

This is a type of thing that will be useful for people who are into the meditation side of yoga. This bead allows you to focus on your chants and prayers without being distracted. They play a significant role in the meditation field. Also, they are often used as counters for the number of times the chant needs to be said.

These are some of the top yoga accessories that may be necessary to you, depending on whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi.