Things You Need In Your Bag

For many of us, the bag is much more than just a place where we keep the keys and money. This chic accessory is important to hold some useful and elegant items that make your life easier and add up to your stylish look. And I’m not talking about that cute lip gloss you can’t live without or your super adorable, girly mirror. As per decora fashion, here is a list of 6 things you need in your bag no matter what time of the year it is.

First of all, you need a bag – Summer bag = pastel

All objects indispensable to a woman with style fit in a purse with straps. Choose a model available in a shade of light blue. It’s suitable for both office and leisure time.


Even if you own a smartphone you can write down several things to remember quicker on an agenda (or is it just me?). Plus a book will always look more elegant. Find one in a feminine color and a cool design.


It is always easy to use and will save you from unpredictable situations. I always need a pen when I don’t have one with me! Maybe you want to send your phone number to a handsome stranger, casually drinking coffee next to you?

Key chain

I like multi-functional accessories so I recommend a 2 in 1 key chain that plays both as a key ring and pillbox. The keys will be easier to find in the bag and daily vitamins will have a special place so you no longer need to carry all the bottles with you.

Coin purse

Certainly, there are occasions where you do not want to carry a large wallet with you where you keep your credit cards, business cards, and all the money. I had a wallet where I kept everything, coins included, and lost a credit card while I was looking for some pennies. Not fun!

Elegant lighter

Not for smoking purposes but there are emergency situations like let’s say when you want to burn some ugly threads coming out of the fabric of your clothes or to light candles on a birthday cake.

Bobbie pins (hairpins)

Whether you have long or short hair these pins will help you keep your hair in check from morning to evening and look stylish, unlike hair scrunchies that are too sporty. My favorites are the metallic gold used in excess, probably because I have blonde hair.

With these 6 things you need in your bag, you’ll never be caught on the wrong foot again!