Universal Traits Of Naturally Cool Men

Now a major realization I had while watching my pals who were naturally good with women was that they all had a unique “cool” vibe about them that women seemed to instantly get attracted to.

For example, I noticed that when they met with women they always had an attitude that the women were LUCKY to be talking to them.

A sort of superiority complex that was ever present regardless of how beautiful the women were. But at the same time they were never arrogant.

And it didn’t take long before I began to realize that being “naturally cool” was probably the most important aspect to meeting and asking out women.

So here is a PARTIAL list of the powerful traits that all my cool friends had in common:

1. He Doesn’t Care What Others Think Of Him

Cool guys realize that they can’t please everyone and so doesn’t try to.

He is completely OK with it.

2. He Is Never Afraid To State His Opinion.

A cool, confident guy doesn’t beat around the bush. So he will always say what’s on his mind because he knows that people value what he has to say, and he’s not afraid to piss someone off.

Therefore he is open and honest… a lot of the time painfully honest.

3. His Friendship And Finally His Respect Must be Earned

To gain his respect, you have to be a friend, a good friend of a friend, or show him that you are also naturally cool. This holds true for both the men and women he meets.

He gives no special allowances for status, looks, or material possessions.

4. He Is Confident In The Choices He Makes

If you tell him his shirt is ugly, he’ll tell you that you have horrible taste in clothing

5. He Is Decisive

If you ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he will tell you either yes or no, whether he knows that’s what you want to hear. He won’t say “I don’t know” or “what do you want to do?” He makes a decision and sticks to it.

6. Whatever He Is Doing Is Always The Best Thing Going

If a woman is talking to him about the amazing night she had on Saturday, he will never say, “I wish I would have been there.” He knows that whatever he was doing at that time was either more fun or more important.

7. He Is Obviously Better Than the Rest

If a woman talks about another guy, he will always have the subtle undertone that she would have a much better time with him.

8. Women Are Never His Priority In Life

Women never come first in his life. He always has a purpose or a priority that is more important to him than SHE is. And as such, no woman will ever control him.

Now take a minute and review these 8 traits and purpose to emulate them in your everyday life.

And if you’re reading this and thinking, “I want to make these traits more a part of who I am, so I can start meeting and attracting women at a whole new level,” then you need to know one thing:

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