Why should you know about VPN speed?

VPN is useful and effective software that many people use these days to prevent other people to know about their online activities. Hence, you should also make the best use of VPN if you want to strengthen your online security and encryption. 

But in regard to VPN, speed is rally very important. VPN provides you with security and protection while browsing internet but if it is slow, then there is no point. Hence, if you are to choose a VPN then its speed should be the first and foremost consideration for you. There are several aspects about VPN speed that you are required to know. In order to know more on this you should visit https://www.sfgate.com/market/article/expressvpn-review-16755623.php.

Does VPN reduce your internet speed?

When you normally browser internet without a VPN, then you get to access a website directly. But while using a VPN, then you have to access that website through that VPN. It means the VPN is accessing the website for you and get you the content that you are looking for. Hence, you have to take a ‘detour’ while accessing a VPN. Not to mention, there are other processes involved in this. This is why using VPN can indeed reduce your internet speed to some extent.

But how much it will reduce your internet speed depends on the type of VPN you use. In case you use a high quality and fast VPN, then you might not even feel the difference in the reduced internet speed. But if you’re existing internet connection is slow, then it will take time to get connected to the VPN. Moreover, there are some other factors that may slow down the internet speed while using a VPN. In order to know more you should browse https://www.sfgate.com/market/article/expressvpn-review-16755623.php.

Can VPN increase your internet speed?

Yes, it can increase your internet speed in some cases. There are many instances when users feel that their internet speed has increased upon using a VPN compared to not using it. 

When you use internet without a VPN then your ISP tracks your online activities and they what kind of content you are accessing. If you are accessing such content that takes a lot of bandwidth, then the ISP reduces the internet speed to lower bandwidth usage. But if you use VPN, then the ISP has no way no way to know what kind of contents you are using, so they do not get to lower your internet speed. This is why using VPN can sometimes increase your internet speed to some extent.

Factors that basically affect VPN speed

While using a VPN, there are several aspects and factors that can affect its speed. The first factor is location of VPN server. If the VPN is closer to you, then speed will be higher but if it is far from your location, then speed will be low. On the other hand, level of encryption used by VPN may vary speed of it. The more detailed and complex encryption it uses, the slower its speed will get for the obvious reasons.